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A leader's role in a divided culture

Updated: Apr 2

If you've been wondering how to navigate the current pressures stemming from the societal flux, here's a place to start.

  • Revisit your organization's values statements. Really look at where you started your journey and how it felt to establish those guideposts for the betterment of your company and your employees. The values you pegged as critical for you and those who work for you represent the heart of your organization. Be mindful of allowing outsiders to dictate your commitment to your core system of beliefs.
  • Revisit your mission statement. A mission statement codifies the organization's purpose and clearly articulates for employees what the company represents. If the leader were to veer away from the stated mission statement, what message does that send to employees? For starters, it says they too can ignore parts of the expectations because the boss did. The result will be chaos and confusion in the ranks, dividing your organization because of a lack of devotion to the basic mission. If you don't like your mission statement as it stands, it takes work to change it and you must ensure buy-in by employees. What is trending today may not be relevant in a month, therefore it is critical to assess the risks.

A mission statement is used by a company to explain, in simple and concise terms, its purpose(s) for being.
  • Look in the mirror. No matter what leadership theory and practice you subscribe to, the most important factor is authenticity. Outside noise can be confusing when determining how much to let in and affect your organization, however, cancel culture, social justice issues, and political tensions are already in your organization because these affect people. By assessing your own leadership effectiveness, you can maintain a sense of stability and normalcy for everyone, and eventually, the noise will die down and what you have left is what you invested in - your organization.

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