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'Take your faith to work' day.

Updated: Apr 2

We've all heard about 'take your child to work' day, but what about a 'take your faith to work day'? Imagine the possibilities of sharing your faith with your coworkers instead of hiding it? Of course, it isn't for everybody and that is always a viable option. For instance, I had a coworker who was Wiccan. She kept that secret from everyone, only telling me after I left that organization and we met by chance at a grocery store. This coworker didn't keep all her life a secret, sharing openly about her trans child and other difficult experiences. But what made her keep her religion secret?

There are many thoughts on religion at work and I am NOT proposing we drive a religious freight train through the workplace. All I'm suggesting is that we consider the possibility that by bringing our faith to work, we can open dialogues about one another that can bring coworkers closer and create better understandings. We're all adults, right?

I've witnessed anger in a workplace when Jewish employees were able to practice different holiday leave, but because there was a hush-hush environment about religion, the other employees were confused and divided on the 'fairness' of the policies. I believe wholeheartedly that the leader did the right thing by supporting individuals in their faith practices, but when there is a climate of secrecy, it only adds to the divisiveness.

There are no easy answers about religion at work. There should never, ever, be secrecy and shame around someone's religion - or lack thereof. Looking at the big picture, what other ways could there be to open people's hearts to one another on the topic of religion than by allowing a day each year to openly discuss and celebrate those very things that make each person who they are at a fundamental level? The leadership challenge is to be willing to take the steps necessary to add one more unifying effort to an already full plate. The world is a crazy place, so why not stop the spin and take your organization to a place free of judgement and misunderstandings? Healing a community, an organization, and one another takes courage. Give it a try!

“Worship is as much a part of the human organism as the rising of the sun is to the cosmic order.”
“We should be happy that (Jesus) did not say ‘Like your enemies.’ It is impossible to like some people. ‘Like’ is a sentimental and affectionate word. ... But Jesus recognized that love is greater than like.”

(Martin Luther King, Jr.)

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