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Whites only caucus....!?

Have you heard about this? A University in N.C. wanted to host a ‘whites only caucus’ to process complicity in white students who identify as white about their whiteness.

From an internal email:

“A white caucus is a space for white-identifying individuals to engage in conversations that unpack race and systemic oppression,” said an email that invited student­­s to join the segregated group via Zoom on February 16.

“White caucuses allow white-identifying allies to h­­ave these conversations in a way that does not burden or re-traumatize people of color," the email continued.

The space was intended for White students to "learn about and process their awareness and complicity in unjust systems."

Prospective members of white-caucus would have been required to sign a confidentiality agreement barring them from sharing “anything outside of the group for any reason.”

This, the invitation said, formed the basis of white-caucus’ most important rule: “What is said stays, and what is learned leaves.”

There are a few ways to look at this situation and one must be clear-minded and unemotional to grasp the danger in the details. It isn’t hard to see that the intention of these organizers was not to be discriminatory, yet that is exactly what happened. A clear case of immaturity and a lack of real-world experiences. Universities are failing us.

The backlash from this recently canceled event came from two primary sides- white and non-white. The non-white voices reported that being prevented from the caucus inflicted harm – reminiscent of racial segregation. The progressive whites, from the school of education of all things, acted out of pure ignorance and fantasy. There has been further scrutiny on the school leadership as well, who should know better than to allow ideologies to so blatantly divide a student body.

There is no consensus on easy solutions, and there is no finish line or mountain top when we’ve reached the goal of zero racism. We must consider the work to reduce racism as a process - indefinitely, and as with any process, there are ups and downs. Defining goals and codifying outcomes will go a long way in showing progress but because we are coached to believe the absolute worst in human nature, we are ignoring what is truly happening – positive changes. I challenge anyone to get out of the bubble and talk to others. Stop watching the mind-numbing news binges preaching that one race is better or worse than another. Or that one profession is more deserving of support and praise while others are not. By denigrating a profession, a race, a gender, that is the exact same thing as diminishing the value of a real person and creates divisiveness and anger. If we aren’t careful, universities will be overrun with progressive ideologies that will create more harm than good toward the individuals seeking fairer outcomes.

Check out other campus activities that segregate according to ideologies and dangerous assumptions.

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